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My name is Shelly L. Brooks, 

and I am a motivational coach.

My life’s passion has focused on creating empowering partnerships with my clients during some of their toughest times – relationships, job changes, or family issues. I offer the value of experience, common sense, and a practical approach to overcoming and solving many of life’s challenges that fall in your path.

If you’re not living the life you dream of,

it’s time to change your life,

not your dream.

I believe mediocrity has no place or purpose in anyone’s life,

and that we all are born for a greater purpose. Problems we experience in everyday life can seem overwhelming, challenging and relentless in ways that leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable. We are reluctant to seek help for fear of judgmental arrogance from friends, family, or colleagues. As a result, we think we are incapable of dealing with, processing, or moving past the obstacles trying to shatter our dream.


I offer my clients a partnership of ideas and solutions where we identify and solve the immediate challenges life has placed in your path. Once we can identify the problem, we break it down into smaller solvable issues, freeing you to get back on the path to achieve your dream.

Are you prepared to be coached?

Do you want to achieve your dream?

Critical elements to achieve success must include a willingness to change, including mental, physical, and emotional preparation.  I cannot force you to change but I can guide you in the liberating processes necessary to achieve change, which is when your life’s real journey begins.

Coaching Services
empowerment through motivation.

My strategy and process does not enable you but will empower you. Each session, I will motivate you to change, develop and build strengths, and help you with compassion and empathy when you feel weak and vulnerable.  You do not have to process pain, disappointment or life challenges alone anymore; together we can turn it into the power for change. 

Empowerment Through Motivation
relationship recovery.

When a relationship ends, whether it is your soul mate or a family member, it can devastate you in many ways.  You are forced to recover, to move on and reshape the emotional, mental and physical bonds that were so easy and comfortable in the relationship. 

I offer guidance and coaching with a step-by-step process to recover from the pain of loss, coupled with a gentle self-evaluation of unhealthy behaviors and habits that impacted the relationship which may be the result of generational, causational or societal attitudes and actions. 

I want you to become mentally and emotionally healed and healthy within yourself in order to experience the best of what a future relationship is meant to offer.  Together, we can do this.

Relationship Recovery

The transition from being single to entering a relationship can be difficult and taken too quickly.  When I coach a single client, I help guide you through self-discovery and a retrospective evaluation to uncover the pitfalls and successes of your previous relationships.  My coaching will help you understand who you are as a single person and who you are as a partner.  Together, we can rebuild your strength, confidence, and self-care in your approach to love, life, and capturing your dreams.  You will understand the importance and freedom of being single by choice and not by circumstance. 


I am not a matchmaker.  Instead, I offer a collaborative effort to successfully guide you in the wonderful experience of dating and relationships.  Through discussion, behavior modification, and role playing, I help prepare you and set your dating expectations or desired relationship that closely match your ultimate relationship goals.  We work together to assess both verbal and non-verbal communication skills that can attract a healthy relationship interest, avoiding many of the most common dating pitfalls.

professional employers and employees.

Employers make significant investments in the people they hire.  These investments can be money, time, and emotional support.  What happens when the return on the investment isn’t there? 

My professional motivational coaching is a client-based partnership that helps an employer discover the key areas in an employer-employee relationship that are similar to personal relationships. Commitments of time, energy, emotion, and money all contribute to achieving goals.  Motivating employees to consider their employment as a relationship empowers employees to meet deadlines, targets and goals through teamwork to contribute to the success of the relationship.

This creative process can maximize personal and professional potential, providing personal and work life balance to create a positive and fulfilling work life balance

Professional Employers and Employees

which way do i go to change?

Setting goals is a key component of change.  You must know your own destination in order to develop a path to get there.  I provide pathways and rest stops to achieve your goals.  If you require a face-to-face or video chat, I’ll be there for you.  If you require just phone sessions, I’ll be there for you.  I will help guide you around every obstacle to achieve your desired goals. 

get in touch.

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