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These Shoes Hurt My Feet is an intriguing comparison of the types of shoes women wear to the types of men they choose.

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this book was amazing.

This book left me speechless, gasping for air, mind blown, and absolutely confident on the next pair of shoes I choose to wear!!!! Reading THESE SHOES HURT MY FEET changed my life!!! This book was enlightening, intriguing, and gave me the knowledge and self confidence to know and understand what I need and deserve!!! In this book the author, Shelly L. Brooks really gives you the tools and guidance to change your mindset!! I can't wait to read the next book!!! I feel so empowered!!!

Nneka C.

this is a masterpiece.

There aren't enough positive adjectives in Websters dictionary to accurately convey how amazing and life changing THESE SHOES HURT MY FEET is! You will be empowered, enlightened and motivated from reading this book. Shelly L. Brooks gives you a mind opening perspective on relationships like I've never seen before. This book is a Must Read for all men and women; married or single. If you're single, the last chapter will leave you speechless!!!

Martina S.

a must read.

In her debut offering, THESE SHOES HURT MY FEET author Shelly L. Brooks compares two hot topics among women, shoes and relationships. Let’s face it most women love shoes and will rock a hot pair of shoes no matter how much pain they may inflict. They do the same with relationships. Some w omen will hold on to toxic relationships, despite the hurt they encounter. Brooks takes the various shoes and uses them as an analogy for the various types of relationships women encounter. Each shoe is described in great detail. The author makes each story personal by including several anecdotes and real life experiences that she has encountered or known of. Each chapter ends with a checklist of characteristics describing the pros and cons of the shoe/relationship and allows for readers to take an introspective look as to why they may have been in that type of relationship. The latter section of the book deals with the ultimate shoe, the one that everyone seeks, but only a few elusive couples are able to find.


Shelly L. Brooks has created a rare gem of a book - part self help, part educational, the work is thought provoking and very inspirational.

The book is extremely clear and concise, providing a wealth of information in down to Earth, related way. When reading this book one can’t help but recognize themselves or people that they know in each of the stories. This reader often found myself laughing, crying, or simply nodding my head in agreement. Many may believe that this is a book solely for women, but men will be able to appreciate what type of shoe they may be and can take stock of who they are and use that knowledge as a tool for growth. THESE SHOES HURT MY FEET is a must read, not just once but many times. I have found myself constantly using it as a reference. This is NOT a book for sharing, do yourself a favor and get your own. I eagerly await future works from this up and coming author.

Layota Carter Q.
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