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It's time to change your life, not your dream.

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

"If you’re not living the life you dream of, it’s time to change your life, not your dream."

My name is Shelly Brooks and I am a Motivational Coach. My life’s passion has focused on creating empowering partnerships with my clients during some of their toughest times – relationships, job changes, or family issues. I offer the value of experience, common sense, and a practical approach to overcoming and solving many of life’s challenges that fall in your path.

I believe mediocrity has no place or purpose in anyone’s life, and that we all are born for a greater purpose. Problems we experience in everyday life can seem overwhelming, challenging and relentless in ways that leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable. We are reluctant to seek help for fear of judgmental arrogance from friends, family, or colleagues. As a result, we think we are incapable of dealing with, processing, or moving past the obstacles trying to shatter our dream.

I offer my clients a partnership of ideas and solutions where we identify and solve the immediate challenges life has placed in your path. Once we can identify the problem, we break it down into smaller solvable issues, freeing you to get back on the path to achieve your dream.

Are you prepared to be coached? Do you want to achieve your dream?

Critical elements to achieve success must include a willingness to change, including mental, physical, and emotional preparation. I cannot force you to change but I can guide you in the liberating processes necessary to achieve change, which is when your life’s real journey begins.

Which way do I go to change?

Setting goals is a key component of change. You must know your own destination in order to develop a path to get there. I provide pathways and rest stops to achieve your goals. If you require a face-to-face or video chat, I’ll be there for you. If you require just phone sessions, I’ll be there for you. I will help guide you around every obstacle to achieve your desired goals.

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