These Shoes Hurt My Feet is an intriguing comparison of the types of shoes women wear to the types of men they choose. Many men and women often walk into the same type of relationship over and over again creating a cycle of the same results: failure and pain. This book is about learning the warning signs. People often overlook these signs because we get so caught up or turn a blind eye to the less desirable things in a relationship; however, if we are able to recognize the warning signs, the journey could be far less painful and one may be able to prevent being blindsided and hurt. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of wearing shoes that hurt my feet!


This book is not just for women. It is an opportunity for men to see how women see them. After all, every man should want to know which shoe he is.


Every shoe in this book is not painful. There is a shoe that is the Ultimate Shoe – The one that both men and women should prepare ourselves to become, meet and settle for nothing less! This is the shoe that once you slip your foot into and walk the path with, you will wear no other!